Ofte stilte spørsmål (FAQ)

Ofte stilte spørsmål (FAQ)

Hvordan handle på Vivamart.no

Delivery in Oslo area:

We are presently starting our delivery services Oslo, Akershus, Kongsberg, Sandefjord and Drammen area. Most of the postal areas in these areas are covered.

Our normal delivery days are Mondays and Thursdays every week between 1600-2300 hours. However, we do keep the option of changing some days based on availability of drivers and number of orders.

We are just still studying the most effective delivery model and there will soon be changes based on our learnings from the market. This includes updating the prices based on costs and volume of orders.

You can choose the day at the time of checkout.


– Shopping cart for Nok 430,- or more: Nok 0,-

– Shopping cart for 1 kr to 250 kr: 39 kr for delivery

– Shopping cart for Nok 251 – 429 kr: 29 kr for delivery

In addition to these standard charges based on cart amount,

Outside Oslo area:

We are working on building partnerships for delivery outside Oslo area. We will soon be expaning to Vestfold, Buskerud and nearby areas. In case of special requirements outside Oslo area and in case of large orders, please contact us at 94090001 or [email protected]


Deliveries for Companies/Enterprises:

Please contact us at 94090001 or [email protected]

You can find desired items by scrolling down the item list, navigating among all categories on the left side of the online store or searching for the desired item. The goods are added to the shopping cart by pressing the Orange cart button and/or selecting the quantity by using +/- signs.

No. Unfortunately, you cannot add items after you submit your order. However, you can always create a new order and contact us on contact page , so that we can assist you to ensure additional delivery charges will be taken away.

If you are logged in, you can see your last orders on the Dashboard page under Orders tab.

If you do not wish the order to be completed, the order can be canceled by calling Customer Service on phone 94090001 (please see opening hours) no later than 1 day before delivery.

In order to use a gift voucher or discount code, it must be registered in your shopping cart BEFORE you pay.

When you go to checkout you will see on top a text button: “Click here to enter your code”. When you click a drop down opens up. You can entery your Coupon Code and press “Apply Code”.

Relevant discounts will be deducted from the total amount. Discount / Gift Card on Shipping will, however, appear first AFTER you have chosen delivery time.

If you enter a code but are not deducted from the amount you have probably not met the criteria for the Coupon. Feel free to contact Customer Service at 94090001

Yes, we are here to help you! If you have questions, please contact our customer service. All inquiries will be answered as quickly as possible and no later than 48 hours.

Vivamart.no stores the information you provide for internal use only and will never resell or use your information in any way other than in relation to customer relations with vivamart.no or for targeted marketing of our products and services.

You can pay with a bank card (Visa / MasterCard) at vivamart.no.

Vivamart does not store any credit card/debit card information on our serves. We use Stripe as a payment gateway. Information about your card is stored by Stripe with your approval.

Where do you have home delivery?

We supply throughout Oslo, Drammen, Vestfold and large parts of Akershus and major cities in Østfold. We are working on creating logistics chain to deliver in entire Norway. Keep following us on https://www.facebook.com/vivamartas.

We have ambitions to expand the delivery area to entire Norway

Yes, you must be home when we ship the goods. .

If there is no home when we come to deliver the goods, we will try to contact you.

If safe, we can put the groceries at your entrance. In case it is not possible, you will be requested to pickup the grocery from our vendor. We can try again to deliver in our next delivery cycle to your area but an additional delivery charge of 39 Nok will have to be paid.