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Baingan  (Solanum melongena), also known as eggplant or aubergine, is an easily cultivated plant belonging to the family Solanaceae. Its fruit is high in nutrition and commonly consumed as a vegetable. The fruit and other parts of the plant are used in traditional medicine.Eggplant or Baingan is a very low-calorie vegetable. Nonetheless, it packed with healthy nutrition profile

Baingan is the fruit of a plant that belongs to the same family as potato and tomato, the sweet family. Usually it is black or dark violet and oblong in shape, but they are also available in several colors and shapes. The texture is spongy, dry and soft with a pulp that is bright with a variety of small cores. The taste is mild and nice. Eggplants are eaten heat-treated.

To get the best flavor, it is usually cut into thick slices and sprinkled with salt and added a few drops of lemon before use. After 15 minutes, the bitter, rinsed bag, salt and lemon are rinsed off. Baingan is indispensable in moussaka and ratatouille. It is widely used in kitchens all over the world. a for salad after starvation, for casserole dishes, as toppings, in gratin, in soups and as their own dishes. It is nice to bake whole in the oven or on the grill.


The following table shows the nutrients in 1 cup, or about 96 g, of cooked eggplant cubes. It also shows how much of each nutrient a person needs each day. However, people’s requirements vary, depending on age and sex

Nutrients                            Amount in 1 cup of eggplant cubes            Daily requirements for adults
Energy (kilocalories)                   33.6                                                     1,000–3,000
Carbohydrate (g)                         8.29, of which 3.04 are sugar              130
Fiber (g)                                       2.4                                                        22.4–33.6
Magnesium (mg)                         10.6                                                      310–420
Phosphorus (mg)                        14.4                                                      700–1,250
Potassium (mg)                           117                                                       4,700
Folate                                          13.4                                                      400
Choline (mg)                               8.93                                                     400–550
Beta carotene (mcg)                   21.1                                                     No data

Health Benefits

  • Baingan is a low calorie veggie, which can be taken in good quantity by those who wish to cut down their extra kgs. You need not rush to a gym every day; just add this eggplant to your diet instead.
  • Its watery substance helps you avoid dehydration and provides necessary energy to your metabolism.
  • This small and thin flashy veggie is rich in vitamins like B6, B5, B1 and B3, which are the necessary vitamins that provide energy to maintain fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Baingan is very rich in minerals like manganese, iron, and potassium and copper. It has copious anti oxidant elements. Further, they contain the antioxidant chemicals called anthocyanins. They protect the body from cancer, neurological diseases, inflammation and aging.
  • Baingan are highly helpful in controlling blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 Diabetes. They improve the cardiovascular system. They are antiviral, antimicrobial and antimutogenic with the element of Chlorogenic acid in them.
  • Take eggplant regularly to replenish your body with fiber content. It is a treasure of dietary fibers and is a good source of good digestion. Your body feels light and energetic, if you take sufficient quantities of brinjal.

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