Epler Royal Gala 1 kg


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Apples Royal Gala 1Kg

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Originally comes the apple from Asia and we know the fruit from Bible history, even where Adam gives Eve an apple. Apple has a thin edible shell that can have green, yellow, carrot, red or combinations of this as a color. The fruit flesh is firm and in the center of the apple there is a core housing that is removed when the apple is to be used for cooking. Here in the country there were the monks who first started with fruit cultivation. They soon realized that Hardanger was a suitable place for this and since then, apples have been cultivated right up to Møre og Romsdal. There are thousands of different apple varieties bred in the different production countries adapted to the local cultivation conditions. This means that new varieties are still coming on the market and old ones are going out. With us it is important that apple has good taste properties and is suitable for long-term storage. The juicy varieties that we cultivate today are the result of prolonged cultivation and processing. Apple is eaten naturally.

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