Fresh Green Chilli (Bullet chilli) 500 G


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Fresh Green Chilli (Bullet chilli) 500 G


Bullet chilli A medium-sized, cone-shaped chilli that is very versatile in the kitchen. As they mature, the fruit change from green to red,Bullet chilli  is a popular chili fruit and fits in many dishes. 


Bullet chilli are small, cone-shaped, and taper slightly away from the stem, averaging 4 centimeters in diameter and 3-9 centimeters in length. The smooth, thin skin will ripen from bright green to a vibrant red when mature. The flesh is crisp and thick with a fresh, fruity scent of citrus when sliced. Bullet chilli have a medium heat that starts out mellow, peaks in intensity, and then quickly fades away.

Seasons/Availability   Bullet chiles are available year-round.

Current Facts  Bullet chilli , botanically classified as Capsicum annum, have a medium heat that reaches 15,000 to 30,000 Scoville Heat Units, a universal measurement for spiciness in chiles. Also known as the Heaven chile and Facing Heaven chile, Bullet chilli are used in their green and mature red state to add heat and flavor to many different culinary preparations. Bullet chilli  are also used as an ornamental plant because of their unusual growth habits and bright red hues.

Before use, the Bullet chilli stalk and seeds are removed and then can be cut into thin slices that can be used raw in pots, filled, lightly fried or deceived for use in many types of Mexican or Italian dishes. Chili may be used for taco or pizza, but keep in mind that it has a strong, almost fiery taste. It can also be used as a spice and taken whole in casseroles, but should then be removed before serving.

Bullet chilli has both low energy and fat content. Chili has a high content of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and increases the absorption of iron from other foods. Chili is a source of vitamin B6, potassium and cups. Vitamin B6 contributes to normal energy conversion, while potassium contributes to normal blood pressure. Chili also has a high dietary fiber content which is beneficial for digestion. Since chili is often used as a spice, consumption is so small that it has little nutritional significance.

Chili should have a glossy and nice look with a strong color. It should be free of dark spots or cracks in the shell. It should also be soft, juicy and crispy without any signs of shrinkage or sagging.

The durability will vary slightly between the different types. Green chili normally stays somewhat better than red.

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