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Nutramla Amla Herbal Mix Juice 500ml


Nutramla Amla Herbal Mix Juice 500ml-V P Foods

  • Pure & Natural juice (swa-ras) of selected Banarasi Amla full of rejuvenating medicinal properties of Amla as testified in the Ayurveda texts
  • Richest source of vitamin “C”
  • Cleans digestive, blood & urinary systems, thus enhances metabolism. Keeps the body young healthy and energetic
  • It works as an anti-oxidant, anti-aging
  • It is good for acidity
  • It keeps cholesterol level under control
  • It balances Tridoshas (vata, pitta, kapha)
  • Amla juice helps to prevent damages due to pollution alcohol & smoking etc
  • It can be used as shampoo for dandruff free & silky glowing hair

Technical Name and Products Category: Amla Pure Juice

Appearance: white to pink when mixed, separation of fibers and starchy material at the bottom of the bottle being natural

Texture: Fine and Smooth

Taste: Pungent, sour, sweet, bitter and astringent means contents 5 tastes out of 6 tastes (shad rasas) except salty. Exactly same as fresh amla fruit.

Consistency: Liquid

Packing: 500 ml heavy duty, attractive PET bottle with 50ml measuring cup

Raw Material used: Selected best quality Banarasi amla.

Shelf life: One year from date of manufacturing under sealed conditions by following storage parameters.

Storage conditions – can be stored in cool and dark place at room temp 15 to 30°c or in refrigerator capped air tight.

Changes occur in storage period – Colour of juice may darken after 3 months of storage period due to oxidation. The process of change of colour may slow down by following storage conditions.

Handling – Ensure refixing cap air tight.

Product specialty –
• No synthetic colours or flavors used, natural, unique in the market.
• With full of rejuvenating medicinal properties as testified by ayurveda.
• Richest source of natural vitamin ‘C’

Medicinal Uses-
1. Respiratory Disorders due to tuberculosis, Asthma, bronchitis, Cough and Cold – Take 20-25ml NutrAmla juice, add honey 10 to 15ml and take 2 to 3 times a day.
2. Diabetes- 20-25ml NutrAmla juice along with equal quantity of bitter gourd juice mix and take 3 times a day.
3. Heart Problems – 20-25ml NutrAmla juice 3 time a day.
4. Eye disorders- 20 to 25ml NutrAmla juice along with 10 to 15ml honey 2-3 times a day.
5. Rheumatism – NutrAmla juice 20-25ml and Jagger approx. 20 to 25gm or as you like, mix thoroughly and take 2 to 3 times a day.
6. Teeth & Gum problem – like scurvy, Peoria, loose teeth bleeding gums etc. mouth wash – put 10ml NutrAmla juice– 2 times a day.
7. Liver disorders – NutrAmla juice helps to get rid of the toxins build up in the liver due to use of pain killer antibiotics and medication, regular intakes of alcohol, smoking, pollutions, etc. take 20-25ml NutrAmla juice 2-3 times a day.
8. Hair problems- apply NutrAmla juice to the hair and let it be for 15-20 minutes then wash, do not use soap for dandruff free and silky glowing hair.
9. Blood impurities-20-25 ml NutrAmla juice 2 to 3 times a day.
10. Pitta diseases – amla pitta (peptic ulcer, acidity occurring in stomach) NutrAmla juice 20 to 25 ml, 2 to 3 times a day.
11. Blood pressure – juice 20 to 25ml, 2 to 3 times a day

Some more remedies of NutrAmla juice:
1. Stomach problems – gas trouble, constipation, omitting, warms, acidity (pitta)
2. Urinary problem – painful urination, urine with blood, bed urination, etc.
3. Fattiness
4. Mental disorder
5. Sweating
6. Piles
7. Headache
8. Omitting
9. Old Age Problems.
10. Blood Impurities
11. Skin Diseases
12. Arthritis

For NutrAmla Family Treatment: While mixing flour for chapatti add NutrAmla juice along with water and
make chapatti. This will give NutrAmla treatment to all members of family.

Doses: should be taken early in the morning with empty stomach, at bed time and before lunch. Note: Do not take Tea at list one hour after having it.
How to use: For best results mix the contents thoroughly by tapping and shaking the bottle so that the starchy and fibrous material of the fruit at the bottom get mixed before use.

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