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Radish is a variant within the family. it is available in several colors, shapes and sizes, but most commonly white oblong Radish. Originally from Asia,
It can grow up to 50 cm long and weigh several kilos. The special taste of all varieties of righteous comes from the fact that it contains mustard oil.

Radish is peeled before use. It can then be eaten naturally grated as raw food, cut into sticks for dipping or sliced ​​in salad. it can be used as a vegetable in line with cucumber or cooked as a vegetable for meat and fish dishes. Lovely to steam. it can also be used for decoration.

It is a good  source of vitamin C that strengthens the immune system and increases the absorption of iron from other foods. Modest consumption means that this has no nutritional significance. it keeps the white color well after peeling.

It should be whole, hard and without dark or soft spots. The pulp should be firm, white, crisp and fresh.

STORAGE   It  has the best shelf life when stored as close to 0 ° C as possible and high humidity.


Benefits of Radish

  • Regular usage of Radish helps in weight loss and increase the efficiency of the metabolism for all bodily processes
  • It helps in treating colon, kidney, intestinal, stomach and oral cancers
  • Eating raw Radish gives relief from constipation, irregular bowel movements, Diarrhea. It helps digestion by producing bile enzyme.
  • As part of diet the Radish improves immunity, removes mucous from throat and fights cold and cough.
  • Eating Radish keeps skin young and radiant. Applying crushed it on skin cleans it.
  • The presence of potassium in it helps in reducing blood pressure
  • Eating Radish does not impact blood sugar levels also controls absorption of sugar into bloodstream which is good for diabetics.


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