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Trs Barley flour 1kg – Jau


Whole grain barley flour is just what it sounds like: a non-wheat flour made from grinding whole barley.It’s a popular alternative to wheat flour because. it is an excellent option for more conventional bakers looking to expand their skills by working with alternative flours.

Its also called Jau in Hindi,

This versatile grain has a somewhat chewy consistency and a slightly nutty flavor that can complement many dishes. It’s also rich in many nutrients and packs some impressive health benefits, ranging from improved digestion and weight loss to lower cholesterol levels and a healthier heart.

elb garagar ячмень ječam ечемик ordi jedva ječmen byg gerst oder ohra orge cebada Gerste κριθάρι (krithári) árpa Bygg eorna orzo mieži miežis јачмен xgħir bygg jęczmień cevada orz ячмень (yachmen’) јечам (jecham) jačmeň ječmen cebada korn ячмінь (yachmin’) haidd גערשט

Ingredients: 100% barley flour.

Allergy warning: Contains gluten

Barley is known to have also has several  benefits:
  • Lowers Blood Pressure And Cholesterol. …
  • Helps You Lose Weight. …
  • Reduces Your Risk Of Cancer. …
  • Reduces Symptoms Of Arthritis. …
  • Promotes Healthy Bones And Teeth. …
  • Combats Diabetes. …
  • Prevents Gallstones. …
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health.

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