Twinings Green Tea&Lemon-100 Teabags


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Twinings Green Tea & Lemon-100 Teabags

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Twinings Green Tea&Lemon-100 Teabags

The bright and perky yellows of Green Tea meet the tangy undertones of lemon. The Twinings Green Tea & Lemon gives a deliciously soothing concoction.

Twinings Green Tea with Lemon is perfect for Weight Loss | Twinings. The bright and perky yellows of Green Tea meet the tangy undertones of lemon. The Twinings Green Tea & Lemon gives a deliciously soothing concoction.

Ingredients: Green tea, natural lemon aromas (15%), dried lemon (1%).

Nutritional values / 100g:
Energy 11.9000 kJ
Energy 3.1000 kcal
Fat 0.0000 g
– Of which saturated fat 0.0000 g
Carbohydrate 3.6000 g
– Of which sugars 0.0000 g
Protein 0.0000 g
Salt (NACL) 0.0000 g

  • BENEFITS: Pure green tea has less than one calorie and is a good source of hydration. Green teas are generally lower in caffeine than black teas. The Chinese believe that Green Teas can aid digestion.
  • HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT GREEN TEA & LEMON: Boil some water and let it cool down a bit. Then pour the water in a cup and add a teabag. Let it brew for a max 2 minutes or you may lose the delicate taste. Take the first sip and let it revitalise you.
  • DELICIOUSLY SWEET: An earthy blend to which we have add a touch of deliciously sweet lemon flavour to create this sunny and bright green tea. A deliciously soothing concoction to be enjoyed any time.

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