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Onion Yellow -Løk Gul

Onion Yellow Løk Gul – (also commonly called a Spanish onion) is fantastic in its own assertive way, it comes with a very high sulfur content.it is suitable for any conceivable use.yellow onion (Allium cepa L.) it is a variety of dry onion with a strong flavour. They have a greenish-white, light yellow, or white inside; its layers of papery skin have a yellow-brown or pale golden colour.
There are a variety of varieties of onions, which are different in color and shape and adapted to different growth conditions. The Onion Yellow  is made up of leaves that lie in dense layers. Ultimately, the leaves are thin and dry, the inner leaves are thicker and juicier. Onion Yellow is sold both as fresh bundle onion and as dried onion.

Onions can be used in almost all dishes. Raw is good on sandwiches, in salads, on burgers, minced on sausages or in salsa. Furthermore, onion can be boiled, steamed, grilled or roasted. Lightly cooked onions can be served as a warm accessory or as a vegetable dish. Onions can also be pickled, deep-fried or wokes. Cheese onion has a strong smell and taste, which becomes milder and sweeter when cooking. If you use the onion raw, you can remove some of the strong flavor by putting the onion in ice water for a while before using.

Onions have a low energy and fat content and a high dietary fiber content. Dietary fiber is beneficial for digestion.

Onions should be whole, clean and free from frost damage. Also, mold and rot should not occur. Bundle bulbs should have a glossy and supple surface and the green grass should not be wilted. Dried onions should be firm and well-dried, well-formed and even in size. Onions should not have sprouts. The roots must be removed. The outer shell should hang and not have dark spots.


Onion Yellow Løk Gul  onion has a very good shelf life and should be stored dry and preferably not with other foods as onions taste the products it is stored with. The humidity should not exceed 65% relative humidity. Onions have different durability depending on whether it is early or late in the season. Bundle bulbs have much shorter shelf life.


Country of origin  – india

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