Pepsi Max 500mlPepsi Max 500ml


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Pepsi Max 500ml

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Pepsi Max 500ml


Enjoy the great tasting refreshment of Pepsi and live for now! For more great taste but with none of the sugar, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Max Cherry and Diet Pepsi are also available. Invented in 1898, Pepsi was first known as Brad’s Drink, becoming Pepsi-Cola in 1903.

The ‘Pepsi’ name combines two of its original ingredients, pepsin and kola nuts. Pepsi quickly became a popular drink, with young and old enjoying its refreshing, energising taste. And today, Pepsi continues to offer the perfect companion to all your good times. Diet Pepsi, America’s first diet soft drink, launched in 1964 offering a sugar-free alternative to Pepsi.


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Nutrition pr. 100g/ml
Energi 172 kJ / 41 kcal
Fett 0 g
hvorav mettede fettsyrer 0 g
Karbohydrater 10,90 g
hvorav sukkerarter 10,90 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g

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