Praise Palm cream 800g – Banga, Sauce Grain


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Praise palm cream

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Praise palm cream Sauce Grain 800g

Palm Cream (also called Banga) is a soup made from the sauce squeezed from palm fruit (Elaeis guineensis). Yes. you can still eat palm nut soup whether you are in Europe, Asia, America, Sapele, Lagos, Perth, Sydney or Melbourne, etc.
It is widely eaten all over West Africa to the Cameroon. In Nigeria, banga (palm nut)soup cuisine is more commonly enjoyed by the people of Delta State, especially the urhobos and itsekiris, who call it amiedi and obey-ekpo respectively.

The Yoruba call it obe eyin. In Cameroon, it is referred to as Mbanga soup. This delicious African food is incredibly highly rich in nutritional value.

This is soup sauce as palm nut fruit juice sauce concentrate: pre-prepared and canned.

Palm oil in banga soup is very rich in vitamin K, magnesium, and vitamins A and E. It is free of cholesterol. It also contains powerful natural anti-oxidants that help in protection against cancer. It guarantees to give your skin a fresher look and lowers your cholesterol level, thus protecting against heart diseases.

Ingredients: Palm cream, Salt

Storage: Keep in cool and dry place, After opening, keep in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

Preparation: Add 2 parts of water to one part of praise palm cream concentrate and boil for about 20 minutes . Add meat or fish , onions, tomato and spices and boil for another 20 minutes.




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