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Small redish Shalgam

Small redish Shalgam is use for salad and its come in many shapes and sizes—from small classically red round redish with leafy green tops to the gnarled brown root of horseradish,
it is being mostly eaten raw as a crunchy salad vegetable with bite.  Pink radishes have a high water content and are a natural appetite suppressant, making them ideal starters for a meal. They are low in sodium,Radish is an ancient cultural plant originating in China. redish is a collection of several root delicacies where both shape, color and size vary.

Most commonly used is what we call summer radishes where the shape is spherical and the color red. We also have winter radish which is a somewhat lesser known variant. It resembles a carrot in shape and is round and oblong with a lighter red color. Radish has a fresh and somewhat strong flavor. This is because it contains mustard oil.

APPLICATION (Small redish Shalgam)
Radish is washed first in cold water. They can then be eaten naturally whole, in slices or cut into lettuce. Radish is a good accessory for cheese and thus belongs to a cheese table together with grapes, kiwi and bar celery. It can also be eaten with dips, cooked or cooked for 10 – 15 minutes and served as a hot vegetable for meat and fish.

CHARACTERISTICS- Small redish Shalgam
Radish has a low energy and fat content and is also a source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and increases the absorption of iron from other foods. Radish also has a high dietary fiber content which is beneficial for digestion.

The properties apply when consuming at least 100 g of product.

Since radish is available in different varieties, it can generally be said that the tubers should have firm, white pulp and be juicy. They must also be whole and hard without any soft or dark spots. Summer radishes that often come in bundles should have fresh green leaves.

Radish should be stored cool with high humidity. The durability may vary somewhat depending on whether the leaves are cut or not. Packaged goods can also last longer as this protects against drying out.

Nutrition of Small redish Shalgam
According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Data Central database, one cup of raw turnip cubes contains around:

  • 36.4 calories
  • 1.17 g of protein
  • 0.13 g of fat
  • 8.36 g of carbohydrate, including 4.66 g of sugar
  • 2.34 g of fiber
  • 39 milligrams (mg) of calcium
  • 0.39 mg of iron
  • 14.3 mg of magnesium
  • 35.1 mg of phosphorus
  • 0.13 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin K
  • 87.1 mg of sodium
  • 0.351 mg of zinc
  • 27.3 mg of vitamin C
  • 19.5 mcg of folate

Radishes have some healthful properties thanks to their fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidant content. For example, vitamin C is important in many physiological processes, including protein metabolism, wound healing, and immune system regulation. High in fibre, and with a low glycaemic index, diabetics can enjoy radish as it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to rise. Researchers have suggested that consuming radishes may be beneficial for people with diabetes because it slows sugar absorption and reduces the starch-induced post-meal glycemic load.

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