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Val Papdi 500G


Val papdi

The hyacinth bean is one of the lesser known tropical and subtropical food legumes. Though little known, it has been cultivated for many years in Asia,  It is a good source of protein and can be used in the form of unripe pods, green mature and dry seed.

A Val papdi  is a type of vine, whose beans (sem phali) are used to eat. Val papdi  are used as a medicine in Ayurveda due to the many nutritional properties of bean pods. Each pod of Val papdi  has 4-5 seeds, which are oval. Beans can be consumed in many ways, most of the people make and eat vegetable of beans .

Plenty of magnesium is found in Val papdi  , which greatly reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. Eating beans also keeps the energy level better and also does not cause iron deficiency.



1. For the relief of constipation problem.

2. To remove screen problems.

3. Helpful to clean the blood.

4. Drinking the juice of bean leaves is beneficial in case of general fever.

5. Even after cutting insects, applying juice of bean leaves is beneficial.

As such, all these are home remedies and there is no risk of harm from them, but it is better that you consult a doctor once before adopting any remedy.

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